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Diaspora: Chronic

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Diaspora: Chronic

Using the Diaspora SRD, can we make a time-hopping fun game, where players have access to a cluster of times and places in world history. Fully compatible with Diaspora.

Based on an idea on the scattershot page:
  • taking our SRD ourselves, and producing (say) two shorter games in other genres. One that's Conan-esque, say, and another in Vietnam. How much would need to be changed? Some, sure, but it would produce a shorter (150pg?) fate game, that would still be Diaspora. That might help pop the original game out of the hard-sf bucket that it seems to be in. Going with this, though, would mean trying to keep things the same as much as possible: changing the skill list some, removing starship battles. Would people buy Diaspora: Bronze Age or Diaspora: Saigon or Diaspora: Lost in Time?
  • this is the last of them.

Diaspora SRD

Chronic: Fiction

Chronic: Clusters?
  • one stat would need to reflect TL for sure; another on volatility (suseptability to chronal disruption)
  • cluster starts small, but there would be rules for adding nodes — chasing someone else fleeing through time. From this it follows that there would be a BP system for different capabilities of time machines.

Chronic: Characters
  • PCs can be Regulators (Time Cops) or Tourists.
  • PCs are 5-caps; C/T important, perhaps only possible once one has spent 3-4 sessions straight in a node.

Chronic: Combat?
  • Personal, Social and even Platoon all still viable.
  • Space combat recast as Time jumping, perhaps? Less variation between machines, but maybe every leap requires one to out-maneuver tourists in the ether, or paradox beasts?

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