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History: Diaspora Play: October 6 2011

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!Charon T2 E2 R-3
A desperate land still falling from great heights. Efforts to sustain technology have failed as the system resources have been critically depleted and the Charonites now resort to open warfare and invasion to take what they need from the lesser technologies in the cluster. They have rebuilt their homeworld as a garden paradise and the defend it aggressively -- some might say insanely -- from all threats. Charon controls cluster travel -- the only other culture that travels the slipstreams is the Din Wah Trade Conglomerate, and they lease their vessels from Charon. And they are required to have a contingent of Charonite marines on board at all times.

Slipstream to: Amacta, Yoda, and Din Wah

!Amacta T-1 E-1 R-2
Amacta is a wreck, a wasteland of fire and stone and little else. The water is polluted, the air is insufficient for humans, and there is little here to build with. The Amactu themselves, however, are up to this task -- they are very early colonial stock from Earth, part of a genetic engineering program to create great warriors for an unknown conflict. They not only survive here, but they thrive, and the techno-priests sell the young warriors to Charon in return for a share in supply pillages.

Slipstream to Yoda, Thrimmer, and Charon

!Yoda T-1 E2 R0
While there are several colonizable worlds in the Yoda system, the introspective Yodans have not bothered with any of them. Instead they choose to live on their swamp world, which thrives with life, most of which generates some psychoactive chemical. The world is a haven for youth from many other systems, offering pleasures and insight into the nature of the universe. Many of the visitors choose to never leave. One of the psychoactives found naturally on this world is a suppressant for the automatic life clock built into the Amactu genetics.

Slipstream to Amacta, Charon, Din Wah

!Din Wah Trading Conglomerate T1 E2 R1
Din Wah is rich and comfortable and is rebuilding its technology (and its objectives) after a destructive and ill-conceived war with Charon. Now, neighbours with the dominant and desperate power of the cluster, they tread lightly indeed, establishing themselves as a peddler class. They frequently lease Charon ships (though the Charonites see it differently, more as providing passage for the peddlers in exchange for a percentage and a crew), crewing them completely except for the marine contingent from Charon. They are building up to a starfaring technology, which would place them in a position to dominate the cluster economically.

Slipstream to Yoda, Charon, Constance, Thrimmer

!Thrimmer T0 E-1 R2
The cold and young colony of Thrimmer resides entirely on the innermost planet of this cool dwarf star, shrouded in ice for most of the long year. The summers are brief but glorious, with sudden eruptions of short-lived vegetation and colourful insects, and these few weeks are the only time the population ventures to the surface. The rest of the time they spend underground, warmed by the planet's geothermal activity. This is a result of subtsantial loads of heavy metals and radioactives which also exist throughout the system. Thrimmans are actively mining these planetoids with a vibrant space program, but are constantly raided by Charonites who refuse to trade fairly and Din Wah parasites who trade but with the threat of violence constantly behind them. Thrimmer is well known for its superb titanium cutlery, which often finds its way to Amactu in the form of vicious bladed weapons as sword-fighting is still a part of that culture.

Slipstream to Din Wah, Amacta, Constance

!Constance T0 E1 R0
One of the first colonies, or so they think, Constance claims to have recorded memory of Earth. They are, however, an insular and religious culture and perceive themselves as protectors of great secrets. The Charonites do not plunder here and no one visits for pleasure. Any system exploitation that goes on is entirely automatic.

Slipstream to Thrimmer and Din Wah

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